Sep 2 2012 20:53 1 note

Random things as of 8:48pm.

  • Here at the province.
  • My Saturdays, lately, have been very long Saturdays.
  • Well, today’s Sunday.
  • Also, Ellie Goulding’s Lights is on loop right now.
  • It sort of became my ‘I’m working now and I need the right beat to follow while I work’ song.
  • Song’s incredible. Goulding’s amazing, as always. I don’t think I’m used to seeing her dance though. That’s just iffy to me. But she does know how to bounce. I’m just not used to it.
  • Anyhow, yesterday was one of the best Saturdays for me this semester - considering how I’m stressing my life with exams, deadlines, and everything.
  • Today… well, today was uneventful.
  • So I’m telling about yesterday.
  • Two things: Japanese friends, and ADHOC.
  • Yes.
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